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omarte gallery

art studio - art gallery - art trade
omarte gallery is more of a total work of art than a classic art gallery!

How does it work?

1. Online gallery 24/7
2. For regular customers: personal appointments in the gallery
3. For the public: 1 - 3 times per year 'The Parking Spot Gallery': barrier-free and free of charge

'Fliegen wie ein Vogel.
Der Schwerkraft zum Trotz.
Gleiten. Segeln. Rudern. Rütteln.
Aus eigener Kraft in die Lüfte erheben.
Frei wie ein Vogel.' (OMAR)"

Our OLD website www.omarte.at froze with Corona. Because of this big cut and impact in the life of mankind worldwide it is a contemporary and digital document and remains unchanged. The last entry was 2020 with the art project "Freedom came in May" (Iakovos Kamnanellis).

Our NEW website www.omartegallery.com is already online.

Absberggasse 27, stair 4, 4. floor, top 8 A-1100 Vienna
on appointment