Kulturhaus Brotfabrik

Welcome at the Kulturhaus Brotfabrik

At Kulturhaus Brotfabrik , art and culture are created by everyone and for everyone. Embedded between the studios and galleries of the Brotfabrik, the Kulturhaus is a bridge between these and the residents of the surrounding district, which is characterised by municipal housing and the diversity of the population, but at the same time has few open places to meet.

The Kulturhaus Brotfabrik is part of the artistic projects taking place in the district and offers the neighbourhood opportunities to come into contact with one another and to let new things arise. Due to corona, no events can currently be held. However, existing groups continue to rehearse in the virtual room.

Many of the events and workshops at Kulturhaus Brotfabrik are free of charge so as not to exclude anyone due to lack of financial resources. The events that are listed in the event calendar are generally freely accessible. Entry to many groups, such as the Superar Orchestra, is only possible at the beginning of the season, which is why not all workshop and rehearsal dates taking place in the house are listed here on the website.

The Kulturhaus Brotfabrik is officially certified as a green location, with the Austrian eco-label.

Without the commitment of many volunteers, the house would not function as it does. In the learning café, volunteers help children and young people study, they are indispensable in community cooking for the implementation of neighbourhood cooking groups, and at the repair café, volunteers make a statement against the throwaway culture. New volunteers are always welcome!

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Absberggasse 27, stair 3, 2. floor A-1100 Vienna
Library Wed - Fri 12:00 - 06:00 pm